March, 2021


While we believe it’s best to be thoughtful about your launch to monetize your content, it’s definitely possible to launch fast on Peakz. In this blog you can find the most important parts of your profile to launch your Peakz profile and to get selected as one of the first athletes to start monetizing your content on Peakz.

So take these first steps at Peakz to get scouted by your fans, and receive long-term funding. Let’s make it possible to fund your athletic dreams and ambitions!

Make sure fans find your profile on Peakz

The first step is creating and customizing your profile. Upload your profile picture and add your social media accounts to your profile.

To further customize your profile create your unique Peakz link, by adding your ‘user name’.

Make a great first impression

The moment fans come to your Peakz channel they should quickly understand why you started on Peakz and what exclusive insights you will give.

Video is the best way to convince your fans to become a scout. Remember that your scouts are here for you and they want to be part of your journey . Explain your vision as a professional athlete. What is your next goal and what is your ultimate athletic dream. Think big, fans want to be inspired by your ambition! AND, Give examples of the kind of exclusive content you will share on your Peakz channel. Keep it short and sweet. Use the video to show your energy and the ‘’about me’’ text to explain in more detail.

Request to start monetizing

Click the ‘Request’ button in your profile below your name if you want to monetize your content.

Clicking that button you are requesting to start earning fairly from your own content. You’re immediately added to the list of athletes where we will select multiple athletes to monetize your content.

Transform your current community to your Peakz profile

While we select the next athletes to monetize and earn fairly from their own content you can already think about the exclusive content that you can post. If you want to gain scouts you need to invest time into creating content. You as an athlete have the possibility to create brutal content. Take the effort to film your daily life. Always keep in mind the question: What kind of content do my fans want to see? Ask this question directly to your community!


Read the Release Strategy Athletes to understand how to communicate the release of your exclusive content on Peakz to your current social media followers. 

And of course, stay authentic! You as an athlete are unique and know how to work hard. Being scouted is like becoming the champ: the more you train, the more you gain!


Do what you are good at. Inspire people with your unique skills. And get inspired by other athletes and sports. Show your sport from all angles. You are the athlete and have the power to achieve anything you want, so go get it!