Deze disclaimer wordt gehanteerd door PEAKZ B.V. (PEAKZ) en ziet op het gebruik van het scoutfunding platform van PEAKZ dat onder andere toegankelijk is via, (het ‘Platform’). Daarnaast is deze disclaimer van toepassing op door PEAKZ verstuurde elektronische berichten. Gebruik van het Platform betekent dat met deze disclaimer wordt ingestemd.


PEAKZ has taken a great amount of care to compose the information on the Platform. In spite of this, PEAKZ cannot guarantee that the information on the Platform is correct, complete or up-to-date. PEAKZ is not liable for damage, in whichever form – direct and/or indirect – as a consequence of using the Platform or through information available on the Platform, including but not limited to damage done by viruses or other unintended software.

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Unauthorized or unlawful use of the Platform is not permitted.

It is not permitted to use the platform in such a way that it endangers its function and / or affect the available information or underlying software.

Use of the Platform other than personal and non-commercial purposes is not permitted.


PEAKZ does not guarantee that the Platform or its contents are always available or uninterrupted. PEAKZ is not liable in case the Platform, for whichever reason, is not available at any time or during any period.


The intellectual property rights regarding the Platform and the content of the PLATFORM belong with PEAKZ, unless stated otherwise. Nothing on the Platform can be multiplied, stored in an automatic data file or made public by any form or ways including electronic, photo copies, recordings or other ways unless PEAKZ provides prior written consent. Exceptions apply to newsletters and content on the Platform that’s shareable via social media, should such functionality be offered.


PEAKZ reserves the right to change this disclaimer


Other parts of this disclaimer remain valid in case at any point a provision in this disclaimer is fully or partially invalid, not-enforceable or executable by (among others) applicable law or legislation. These provisions will be replaced by an executable and enforceable provision that, considering the goal and scope of this disclaimer, deviates the least amount possible from the original provision.


Only Dutch law is applicable to the use of this Platform and this disclaimer.


Results in regards to fundraising, growth of fans / scouts/ sale of funding options, attracting sponsors and making sponsor deals can vary and differ from person to person. No guarantees can be given to these results.


This Disclaimer became enforceable on the 1st of June 2019.

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