Peakz Community Guidelines

Be respectful of the people and communities on Peakz. Different people enjoy different sports and may be affiliated with different teams or clubs. What binds us together though is our shared love and passion for sports and wanting to help Athletes flourish. We want Peakz to be an inspiring and safe platform for a diverse range of Athletes and their communities.

How These Guidelines Are Enforced

Please realize that Peakz is a diverse community and, while you may not necessarily agree with someone’s point of view, it may not be a violation of our Community Guidelines. That said, when you see a profile, post or page on Peakz that you feel violates our community guidelines, please take the time to report them via . A member of the team will review the report and if our Community Guidelines have been violated, the case manager will contact the user to let them know that they are outside these guidelines.

With regards to Athletes, we realise that this platform helps you to fund your athletic ambitions.  We invest time and effort in making decisions as fair and transparent as possible.

In terms of moderation, we start by trying to educate users to help them understand how a rule has been broken and how to remedy the issue. In cases where the violation is particularly bad or intentional we may take further action such as suspending or removing their account. In the most extreme cases we may ban a user (whether an Athlete, a Fan or a Scout) from using Peakz.

Be aware that although you as an Athlete are raising funds (donations) through the Peakz platform, we can not be held accountable for what you do with those funds.

We urge you to act in a manner that is responsible, respectful and safe. 

Be safe, Be Respectful, Create

These Community Guidelines exist to shape and guide Peakz and the growing number of Athletes and fans and / or Scouts using it. These guidelines do not set out to establish absolute “right” or “wrong.” It’s about making Peakz a place where diverse Athletes and their communities feel excited, supported, and happy to exist, while still allowing for diverse – and sometimes even opposing – opinions, statements and points of view. 

Our Community Guidelines form a thoughtful, and continuously developing  internal policy that we define supported by the advice and guidance from community and safety experts. As Peakz we believe these guidelines will help Athletes create a safe and supportive environment in which they can continue to create content, share and build intimate and lasting relationships with their fans and scouts. 


  • You can’t create fake pages or collect money for things you’re not actually doing. For example, you cannot create a fan page for someone else.
  • You cannot pretend to be or impersonate someone else by using the name, brand or works of another to deceive fans and/or scouts. 
  • You also can’t use Peakz as a prank or to fund non-activity. 
  • We adhere to International Copyright and Trademark policies.

Bullying, harassment, and threats

As much as we want you to be able to express yourself, we want all of our users to have the right to express their opinion without feeling intimidated. Even the most difficult conversations should take place in the most respectful way. Here is how we define these behaviors.

Bullying and harassment:

You cannot attempt to intimidate anyone, either directly or by using your influence over others. We treat real-life interactions more seriously than online interactions when analyzing whether a line has been crossed because it can be more threatening and lead to physical violence. 


Anyone on Peakz should be able to express their opinion in a way that doesn’t threaten another person. In this respect, we take threats of violence very seriously. Any Athlete, Fan or Scout threatening the well-being of an individual or group of people will be removed. This includes threatening behavior such as stalking or inciting others to commit violent acts.

If you are a victim of this behavior and feel that your personal safety is at risk, we suggest you contact your local law enforcement, in addition to reporting the behavior to us.

Hate speech

There is no room on Peakz for hate speech, such as calling for violence, exclusion, or segregation. This includes serious attacks on people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or serious medical conditions.

When reviewing an account for a potential hate speech violation, we consider some of the following questions:

  • Is there a call for violence against someone based on a characteristic like those listed above?
  • Does the user glorify a group that is known to support ideologies that would be classified as hate speech under this policy?
  • Is the user using racial slurs or negative depictions of someone based on a characteristic like those listed above?

This list is not exhaustive, but we want to be transparent about how we work in the grey areas between speech and action. If you come across what you believe to be hate speech on Peakz, please take the time to report it.

18+ creations, pronography and sexual services. 

On Peakz there is no room for 18+ content creation. This includes but is not limited to nudity and discussion around sexuality.

We furthermore do not allow pornographic material or sexual services on Peakz, which we define as “real people engaging in sexual acts such as masturbation or sexual intercourse on camera.” 


We take a strong stance against doxing, which is sharing an individual’s private information or aggregating their public information for the purpose of intimidating them through harassment.

We take this strong stance against doxing because it is used to silence or intimidate people with different viewpoints on the internet. It can cause extensive emotional trauma, and can put the victim’s physical safety at risk.

The most classic form of doxing is when an individual’s private personal information is shared. We also consider it to be doxing when an individual’s non-private information is aggregated. For example, we would consider it doxing if someone’s profile picture was combined with their real name, all of their known social media accounts, and the city they lived in.

No matter the specific information shared, we also evaluate the context around why it was shared. If it looks like this information is being shared for the purpose of making it easier for a large group to harass that individual, we are likely to consider it doxing.

People who can’t use Peakz

After creating a Peakz profile page, any user caught in the act or convicted of making credible violent threats, committing violent crimes, malicious doxing, coordinating nonviolent harm (such as fraud, money laundering and gambling), or encouraging others to do any of these activities may be banned from using Peakz.

Criminal or Harmful Past:

Any user caught in the act or convicted of making credible violent threats, committing violent crimes, child abuse, malicious doxing, coordinating nonviolent harm (such as fraud, money laundering, and gambling), or encouraging others to do any of these activities, may be banned from using Peakz.

Dangerous Organizations:

Users with a dangerous criminal history or a known affiliation with violent or dangerous groups (including terrorist or cyber terrorist organizations, organized criminal groups, and violent hate groups), cannot receive funds through Peakz, no matter the purpose or apparent intention of their Peakz page.

You also are not allowed to discuss these groups on Peakz, doing so will mean that your page and/ or profile and / or membership will be deleted / discontinued immediately. 

Harmful and Illegal Activities


We don’t allow any page that promotes or glorifies self-harm, such as pages that encourage self-injury, suicide, or an eating disorder. If we believe there’s a credible risk the creator will harm themselves, we will work with law enforcement when needed. 

Illegal Activity:

We don’t allow pages that collect money for an illegal purpose, or that encourage others to break the law. For example, creators may not promote illegal weapons, drug manufacturing techniques or distribution, or property crime. 

Dangerous Activities:

We ask those creators who are posting dangerous stunts to include a clear disclaimer. 


These are some of the actions we consider to be spamming, which is prohibited on Peakz:

  • Don’t create pledging schemes; don’t contact other Athletes to have a pledge-for-a-pledge kind of trade deal.
  • Don’t use Peakz to release or link to malware or phishing schemes.
  • Don’t make misleading posts to grow your funding efforts
  • Don’t post comments on other Athletes’ pages and/ or profiles promoting your own page.
  • Don’t send a large number of unsolicited private messages asking for support.
  • Don’t create fake accounts on the peakz platform.
  • Don’t use fake email addresses that benefits you, by for example giving yourself (and others) votes / points.
  • Don’t use incorrect tagging in order to drive more search results.

Fan and / or Scout Accounts

Fans can report an athletes post (text, image and or video) directly via If you would like us to review the behavior of one of your fans and/ or scouts, we will keep the review confidential. The team will review reports around hate speech, harassment and solicitation very carefully and we will take action against a fan and/ or scout account if we find that they are in clear violation of these guidelines.

Please remember that we will not share any details related to what kind of action we might have taken against a fan and / or scout account. Most importantly, if you feel unsafe because a fan and / or/scout is stalking or harassing you, you should always try to seek the help of your local law enforcement and contact the closest cyber crime unit as they will have the most tools and means to help. Peakz will work closely with law enforcement when there is an investigation and if a law enforcement agency sends us a subpoena.

This policy is part of Peakz’s Terms of Use. For more information, contact Peakz at