April, 2020

Break boundaries with the first Peakz Challenge

By now you’re probably tired of the saying “The world has changed”. I get it. We’ve been bombarded and confronted by this news over the past months – but that doesn’t make it less true. So too for sports. Larger events – think of tournaments, league-based competition and more – won’t happen in the foreseeable future. Especially not with a live audience. 

Like we said last time, that doesn’t mean we’ll sit still. We’ve had our time between rounds, consulted our corner men and women, and came up with a battle plan. We’ve kickstarted the stepping stone to our scoutfunding platform in the form of the Peakz Challenge app. It’s our way of doing something to bring competition back for athletes and fans. A lot of athletes are boxed in now – training at home, without a specific goal or competition, is tough. But you persevered. That inspired us to not give up either. 

Funding is still a big challenge. It may just be bigger than ever before. Tournaments have sponsors, but without tournaments, events and live audiences, these budgets will be significantly decreased. So here’s our alternative. 

A digital experience with massive reach. An online competition, yet still a physical one. A competition that could very well act as an alternative way to find new sponsors. A lucrative opportunity for you, but just as much for sponsors. Because reach = exposure. And nothing reaches farther than the internet. And let’s not forget: this is what fans want. A chance to see their favorite athlete fight, battle and persevere in the name of competition.

Break Boundaries

Alright, enough teasing. Here’s what we’re doing. We’ve created a challenge – and we’ve called it “Break Boundaries”. A chance for every athlete to get back in the game – male or female. A total prize pot of € 2.750,- divided equally among men and women, so € 1.375,- per competition. All you need to do is upload a video of you performing the challenge – and yes, your phone is more than enough for that. Per competition, the winner will receive  € 750,- while the runner-up will get € 250,-. Five out of the first 50 uploads stand a chance to win another € 75,- as an early-bird bonus. For just a video with you performing the challenge of maximum 2 minutes.

Our site will have all the details by the end of week. Athletes can create an account to upload their video right there when we open the challenge ‘Break Boundaries’. Now, I hear you saying: “Ok, I’m in – what’s the challenge?!” Well…we don’t want to let that cat out of the bag yet. But, tell you what. Sign up the end of this week.

and you’ll be the first to know – and get the chance to prepare well in advance.

How will the winner be determined?

Fans will vote on the best videos. The two athletes whose videos have the most votes (per competition, so four in total) will battle LIVE against each other in the final.

We know € 2.750,- isn’t exactly a life-changing amount – especially not when shared in a small group. It won’t help us get anywhere near a solution to the funding problem. But it is a first, tiny step. We want to use this first version to gain traction with sports fans, so the launch of future scoutfunding solutions will be easier and faster. The formula is still the same: More fans = more brands = more funding for athletes. 

In other words: we’re in this together!

First part of scoutfunding

This is a stepping stone to the scoutfunding platform, and a first step towards realizing our vision. With the Peakz Challenges, fans are already scouting a future star, based on the challenge and energy they put into it. 

After the challenges, the Peakz Challenge App will go live. Athletes will be able to challenge each other for a battle based on a sports-related exercise. From a push-up challenge, to kickbox-combinations, into tennis volleys at home – whatever works in your imagination, will work on the platform, as long as it’s sports-related. Fans that crave competition will be able to see it again. And Competition in the corona-crisis world. 

So, how will this help you get funding? How does it fit the scoutfunding model? Fans watch athletes compete, scout the best talent and fund you for the unique content you provide. By becoming your first scout, they’ll gain a front-row seat to your journey to the top in the Peakz platform

But, more on that later. Let’s first do what we set out to do – bring competition back.

Ready? GO!


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