April, 2020

An exciting update from Peakz: Fun funding is happening!

It is really happening! It’s completely different from where we started, but it’s fully adapted to the current COVID-19 situation.  This virus threw a challenge our way and we’ve accepted it with full force and energy. We came up with a whole new idea to get you funding in this new situation. Soon you’ll be able to use the very first version of scoutfunding.

Last time we spoke, we told you about launching scoutfunding before the summer of 2020 to start solving the funding problem. Despite the current situation, we’re still on track to get there!  

The impact of COVID-19 has shaken the world – and the world of sports. You’re feeling this like nothing else. Competitions have been postponed or cancelled entirely; from the Wimbledon, to the 2020 Olympics (which will now be the 2021 Olympics) to the European Cup. And those are just three of the major ones. It’s an incredibly difficult time to be an athlete. You want to go out there and perform. Train with a goal. You want to win. And we feel the same – so we share your frustration. Change is difficult, but it doesn’t have to stop you (or us!) in your tracks. The post-corona world will look a lot different, and competition will be affected for a long time to come. It may sound crazy, but that too brings opportunity.

What about Peakz’ Scoutfunding platform?

Glad you asked! Corona isn’t stopping us from developing the platform. We’re a small team and can easily work from home. But, the change in circumstance demands a change in approach. We’ve been thinking, brainstorming and designing non-stop, and came up with something exciting that will help you quicker than ever. We’re creating a new application. A stepping stone on the way to our scoutfunding platform. One that will bring competition back – “Challenge” is the key word here 🙂 We’re working around the clock to get this out ASAP. The first designs have been created and we’ll have something to show you pretty soon. Make sure you follow us on Instagram: @Peakz2020 – we’ll announce it here first.

Where are all the cool social-media posts?

We wanted to get to work on our social media presence and share a few cool articles that we wrote. Given the changed circumstances, we’ve postponed sharing these because it felt off. If you want, you can read them yourself – there are quite a few valuable tips in there, and at least there’s some light entertainment! 

What can I do to get my name out there?

In the meantime, while we’re going to do our best to stay in touch with you, there are things you can do to keep in touch with your fan base. Right now, health matters the most – but let’s not forget that through sports, you bring the world joy. So keep sharing that joy, because the world needs you right now! We have three basic recommendations on how to do that. Read our new blog: ‘3 tips for athletes to get through the COVID-19 crisis‘ here.

Like a boxer after a 60-second break, we’re ready to go

We’re busting our butts to do everything we can in this crazy time. We’re doing this, because we are on a mission and want to solve the funding problem. A problem that’s now bigger than ever. That’s why we will launch sooner than we planned, with a lighter version. One that will help you immediately. A product for all athletes who cannot compete. We won’t let anything stop us. And we’re sure you won’t either.

Keep an eye out on our channels. We’re about to bring competition back.  

On behalf of Peakz,



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